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Real Vs. Fake News – How to identify ?

Do you forward news or messages on whatsapp, facebook or other social media platforms  without checking the fact? If yes, how are you sure that all of those news or messages are true?

For instance, currently a message is circulating via social media and whatsapp states that Reserve Bank of India is all set to discontinue Rs. 2000 currency note from 1st January, 2020, but the fact is no official notification regarding this matter released till now.

So, before going to like, comment, share any news, photo or video on social media (especially controversial news), try to make sure whether it is genuine or not. You can check the fact on internet through google search or google reverse image search. Let’s keep the following points in your mind:

  • Reverse Image Search: Before going to share or forward any controversial image on social media, click here to verify its original source. You may also click here to get other reverse image search options.
  • Check Official Notification : Always try to check official notification especially for any govt. matter related news. In some cases you may call toll free official numbers of concerned matter for confirmation.
  • Check the date : In case of news regarding to any celebrity or reputed person’s social media related post, try to check the him/her official social media account.
  • Check the source : Official websites and well known reputed media websites are the trusted sources for any news. So, trust unofficial sources at your own risk.
  • Don’t biased, spread the truth : Before going to share any controversial news, slow your excitement and check the truth first.

Always remember, continuous forwarding of fake news may cause public harassment or social violence. Always check the fact before sharing any news. Thank you.


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